7 Things You Only Know If You Ride A Bike

"Cycling Friends"

Own a bike? Here are seven things all cyclists can relate too…

It’s Free, And Also REALLY Expensive!

Yes, that’s right. Cycling is free, you don’t have to pay to ride your bike, but you do need a bike. I spent £190 on my first mountain bike. I justified that cost by cancelling my gym membership and told myself that ‘I would save loads of money,’ right? Wong! Four months later I spent £500 on a new, better mountain bike, but it wasn’t quite the right one so sold that and bought an even better-er mountain bike. Then I wanted to ride more often, and since I don’t leave near any mountains I bought myself a road bike, then a better road bike (you get the point). And it doesn’t stop there. You have all the components to upgrade too…

Me carting my bikes around...
Me carting my bikes around…


Then there is always your ‘next’ bike, there’s always a ‘next’ bike. No matter how many bikes you own you will always be looking for your next one. We call this the rule of N+1.

N = the number of bikes you currently own, N+1 is the sum of how many bikes it’s acceptable to own.

Pictures Of Your Bike Leaning On Things

“Look, here’s my in the Lake District, and here in the Highlands, and this was taken in Newquay…” – it’s hard to get yourself and your bike in a selfie!

Your friends humour you with the obligatory ‘ooh wow’, but they don’t really care. They don’t realise that their pictures of their children learning to feed themselves are as dull to you as your bike pictures are to them (oh, but you can’t say that to them though, they get offended!)

2014-07-24 18.09.48 (1) 2014-08-02 12.26.59

Your Non-Cycling Friends Just Don’t Get It

When you start talking about your bikes you catch them giving each other that look. The ones what that says they mutually agree you’re like some kind of crazy cat lady, but with bikes instead of cats.

The Wanderlust

Every time you put bike your bike away after a good ride you find yourself daydreaming about packing it all in, selling everything you own and riding off into the sunset to live a simple existence with your bike. You spend Sunday evenings looking at camper van conversions on Pinterest, and thinking of jobs you could do out on the road to fund your dream, nomadic lifestyle.

Then you realise you need money for more bikes so you go to work and forget about it for a few days.

"Screw everything, i'm off to ride my bike!"
“Screw everything, i’m off to ride my bike!”

Cycling Friends

When you meet someone and find out they’re a cyclist too and you have suddenly made a new best friend! Your friends look on in horror and confusion as the two crazy cat ladies discuss bike stuff.

"Cycling Friends"
“Cycling Friends”

It’s Seriously Addictive

‘Once you pop you just can’t stop,’ would probably be the best way to sum up cycling. It doesn’t matter what your preferred two wheel option is, they are all as addictive as each other. There are a number of psychological benefits to cycling. The obvious one is the natural release of endorphins from exercise, which make you feel good. Other factors include rushes of adrenaline, a sense of achievement (thanks Strava!) and feeling of freedom.

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