Have You Tried Flow Riding…?


Flow Riding, Flow Boarding or Indoor Surfing is a fairly new water sport that kind of combines surfing with snowboarding and skate boarding.


Basically, what you have is a big indoor wave, powered by large water jets, which create a strong enough water force that you can jump on a board and ride.Flow riding is so much fun and there are flow houses popping up all over the UK and there is even now a national championship for the sport.

The idea of the sport is that it mimics surfing, however the technique you use to ‘ride the wave’ is much more similar to snowboarding. You use a custom flow board, which looks a bit like a skate board without the wheels. These are provided for use at the ‘Wave Houses’, but the ‘pro’s’ tend to have their own custom made.


As with any sport there is some possibility of injury, but the padded wave gives you a pretty forgiving landing for when (yes ‘when’, not ‘if’) you fall off.


If you are interested in giving it a go, each Flow house has thoroughly trained instructors on hand to teach you how to ride. You can start off with using a body board, if the idea of jumping straight on seems a little daunting.

There are a number of locations available in the UK, Including Newcastle, Castleford, Bedford, Cardiff and Cornwall. You can book on in groups of around 8, so they make a great day out with friends.

To check out some of the ‘champs’, just type ‘Flow riding’ into Youtube.


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